About Change Leadership

May 28, 2009

That things are changing is pretty much a given and therefore change leadership should also be a part of any leaders essential skills. A succesful change leadership most often stems from the persons own ability to handle change. In any sound leader personal experience should be the foundation of any attempts to lead others.

When to use change leadership

Changing circumstances come in many different forms at many different times. Somebody once told me that around 90 percent of the cells in our body are exchanged during a regular year. I always thought that to be an interesting fact for people who are afraid of change.

Good change leadership should start long before the change itself happens. By building trusting and respectful relationships the leader is so much more well prepared to handle situations of change with those he or she is set to lead.

How to apply leadership in times of change

Being a good listener is to me the foremost skill of any leader and on the topic of change leadership this no different. Being able to understand different peoples needs, to make them feel seen and heard is essential.

Ask questions and be ready to listen. Questions like; how are you doing? How do you experience this? What do you think of the situation provide useful information for you to lead more effectively.

More about leadership and change

The intention is to continually build this site out with more information about change leadership. Please be more than welcome to read through the different pages on this site to find more information hopefully useful for your with leadership and change including practical tips and advice.


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