Checklist for good change leadership

May 28, 2009
  1. Become as comfortable as possible with uncertainty. The way you handle it in yourself will reflect in how you handle it in your leadership and there fore reflect itself in your group or team.
  2. Remember that information is power. Empower your team members by providing them information. Even the information that there is no new information can be very useful.
  3. Become familiar with some basic leadership and change models such as FIRO, Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation, and SOC, Sense Of Coherence.
  4. Use the fact that you have two ears and one mouth to your advantage. Become a truly interested listener with the intention of improving the life of your team members.
  5. Find out what you can about why this change is happening, make that reason as clear and meaningful as you can and then communicate it in your change leadership.
  6. Arrange so that your team members know where to find support and training to be able to handle the change in a good way.
  7. Admit your mistakes when you make them. Your team will not do as you say, but rather as you do. Daring to make mistakes without being ashamed is key, especially when it comes to organizational change.

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