Secrets of Organizational Change Leadership

May 28, 2009

Are there really secrets to organizational change leadership? Actually I do not think they are hidden in the true meaning of the word but in the years I have working with organizational leadership and change it is easy to think so.

There are some basic skills that I think any leader would benefit from in this arena, but many times these leadership skills are lost along the way. Either we do not get the proper chance to learn them or we learn them and forget them in the everyday rush of business life.

The fundamentals of organizational leadership and change

One of the key aspects when it come to leading your group or organization through the changing times is to know where the group is at in its growth or development as a group.

If the change is already happening most likely the group retreats to its early developmental stages and has need for a direct leadership that provides direction, information and clear frameworks.

At the same time, once you have provided that type of leadership to a satisfying degree, then with a more mature group you need to be aware that you need to change your leadership style. This is key in terms of efficiency when it comes to organizational leadership and change.

In the latter case you need to be more of a facilitator of the things that need to happen, giving more responsibility to the individual and to the group. With an even more mature group yet, you become more of a coach and somebody who provides a vision of what the world could look like at the end of the change process.

Leading with style and you better make it flexible

To be able to adapt your style of leading is as vital as ever when it comes to organizational change leadership.

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