Two change leadership skills you can apply today

December 7, 2009

It is with change leadership skills as it is with other qualities of a good leader. Certainly some are born into environments that support the development of these skills, but in general they can learned and applied at any age for effective change leadership.

The basic change leadership competencies

To be utilize effective change leadership skills one should be familiar with concepts of pain and pleasure, which are the drivers of human behavior. Whenever we resist change, it is because on some level of our psychee we associate more pain to changing a behavior or situation than to not changing it.

An important aspect for a leader to manage change is therefore to facilitate the process of associating more pain to not changing and to associate pleasure to changing. This might require an assortment of different leadership skills, but the main being to have own experience of how these two drivers play out in life. As well as how they can be used as assisting change skills.

Change leadership skills include painting the picture

To assist the process of associating pain to not changing and pleasure to changing, traditional communication competencies are needed. Being able to communicate a clear picture and help people to see those images so they can feel and experience what you do. At the same time allowing them to find their own individual associations to pain and pleasure.

As mentioned elsewhere, good change leadership skills start with managing change well in your won persona. Change leadership competencies are born from own experiences.

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